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Our objective is to bring the taste of Afghan dry fruits for people living across the world and create a vibrant market for Afghanistan’s best quality dry fruits in other countries.

Kaweyan Export and Import
Sidiqi Kaweyan Ltd. (SKL) is a private dried fruits exporting company established in September 2012 by Ms. Kamela Sediqi, Founder of Kaweyan Business Development Services (KBDS). Ms. who has more than 20 years of experience in such business is the current CEO Chief Executive Officer at Sidiqi Kaweyan Ltd. SKL is registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under license number 0101-19934. It is a landmark initiative as it is the first company of its kind to be partly owned by a woman entrepreneur. SKL has been growing at a fast pace since its establishment. It’s a mark of the trust and respect that Ms. Sidiqi’s company enjoy in the international market that soon after its formal establishment SKL was able to secure a large order for export of 4,000 tones of raisins worth USD 2,000,000 from Russia. Negotiations are under way for another large order from India as well. It’s a harbinger of bigger and better things that are to follow as Sediqi Kaweyan Ltd. starts its operations to bring the taste of Afghan dry fruits for people living across the world and create a vibrant market for Afghanistan’s best quality dry fruits in other countries.

Our Competitive Edge
Sidiqi Kaweyan Ltd. has an edge over other dried fruits exporters of Afghanistan. What sets us apart from the other exporters is:

  • We have capacity to fulfill big orders as we source our productsfrom over 10,500 dried fruits cultivators.
  • Our products go through stringent quality checks in our factories before they are packed for shipment.
  • We have the capacity to export dried fruits all over the globe.
  • We supply and deliver our products in a time bound manner. This ensures client satisfaction and retention.
  • We offer best quality products at competitive prices.
  • We have a deep understanding and knowledge of Afghan and international dried fruits market.

Participation in Key Events

Gulfood Exhibition
February 2013 — Dubai, UAE Sidiqi Kaweyan Ltd. Participated  in the Dubai Gulfood Exhibition  in February, 2013. Dried fruits traders from the Middle East, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia and India showed interest in procuring dried fruits from us and we have already signed contract with three companies from Malaysia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia for export of dried fruits. The success of NNL was the crowning jewel in Afghanistan’s Gulfood articipation and received special recognition from the USAID agency FAIDA.
In above photo, Ms. Kamila Sidiqi, Former President of SKL is cutting the inaugural ribbon for the Afghanistan pavilion in the exhibition with the Afghanistan Ambassador to U.A.E.

U.S. Embassy Exhibition for Secretary John Kerry March 2013 — Kabul, Afghanistan
SKL was the only dried fruits company that was chosen to have a stall in the exhibition that was held in the US Embassy in March 2013 in honor of Secretary Kerry. Secretary Kerry had a close discussion with the Ex-President Ms. Kamila Sidiqi and he was truly impressed that a woman-owned company was the leader in a male dominated business industry like dried fruits exporting. Secretary Kerry shared his admiration for Ms. Kamila Sidiqi with the international media in various press conferences and also took a signed copy of the book “The Dressmaker of Khair Khana” written on Ms. Sidiqi’s business courage and story in Afghanistan.

“Your Silk Road to Business Opportunities” Exhibition April 2013 — Tashkent, Tajikistan
SKL participated in the Silk Road to Business Opportunities Exhibition in Tashkent in April 2013. The SKL stall in the exhibition was a beehive of activity with a large number of international traders visiting the stall. The visitors were from various Asian countries like Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan etc.


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