Kaweyan Business Development Services

KBDS is one of the leading and most prestigious consulting firms that has been operating in Afghanistan since 2004. As a flag bearer of consulting and BDS services, KBDS has reached out to and trained over

10,000 entrepreneurs in Afghanistan since its inception. KBDS is a woman lead-andfocused organization has implemented a wide range of business and workforce development projects for supporting women entrepreneurs and creating jobs for female jobseekers in the rural and urban area of the country. We provide internationally recognized and acclaimed services to our clients through our partnership with organizations like:

— TARANGO Bangladesh

— Business for Peace Council

— International Finance Cooperation

— International Labor Organization


To become a leading private business development and consulting agency in Afghanistan, providing Afghans, particularly women, the necessary knowledge to take part in the economic reconstruction and development of the country.


To offer a team of highly qualified consultants for assisting new entrepreneurs in starting a business and providing a host of services to active businesses for promoting best business practices and increasing their profitability.


KBDS has a team of highly qualified and experienced national and international experts familiar with global business best practices and norms. The quality of our services sets us apart from our competitors.

  • KBDS is the first business development services company in Afghanistan to provide business training for entrepreneurs across the country
  • Kaweyan business training programs and modules are trainee oriented and based on participative and contemporary training methodologies.
  • KBDS has the experience and capacity to implement effective programs for literate as well as illiterate beneficiaries.
  • We provide services at our client’s door step through mobile training teams.
  • We also provide hand holding support for our trainees.
  • KBDS has a team of expert and highly experienced business trainers and researchers.


At Kaweyan we provide a range of services to the private sector which include but are not limited to:

Business Plan Development Services

Through this service we seek to assist new businesses ventures in preparing professional and detailed business plans for fine-tuning their business strategies.

Training and Capacity Development in Business Management

We provide a range of training programs in the fields of customer care, sales, marketing, management, quality control, financial management, etc.

Promotional and Marketing Material Development

Kaweyan specializes in the development of promotional material like brochures, flyers, website content as well as marketing strategy for companies.

Business Mentorship

This is a unique offering of KBDS wherein sector leaders engaged with the Kaweyan Board of Advisors

and Mentors provide expert advice, guidance and mentorship for businesses in the following sectors:

  • Fashion design
  • Construction
  • Agri-business
  • Carpets
  • Mining
  • Export & Import


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