Kaweyan Logistics

Our objective is to deliver reliable and cost effective logistical services across Afghanistan and beyond.

Kaweyan Logistics provides logistics services of all scales to its clients throughout the country. We have the expertise as well as experience of working with foreign and domestic clients. The company incorporates the mechanism to provide a high quality professional link-up for the mutual benefits.

The management of Kaweyan Logistics believes that a good working environment and active team of human resources can run the business efficiently and effectively to bond long term customer relationships. Guided by a group of professionals with complete proficiency and talents, Kaweyan Logistics certainly deserve to be an active member of this industry.

The objective of the company is to deliver reliable, cost effective logistical services to their clients. The company’s strategy is based on the customer satisfaction, shorter order cycle, and least logistics cost a comprehensive edge in logistics. Our vision is to provide a one-stop service.


Ms. Shaima Bahaduri

C. +93 79 347 9760
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W. www.kaweyanbds.com

Kaweyan Export & Import

Kaweyan Cabs

C. +93 72 933 2332
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Kaweyan Hospitality

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