Kaweyan Cabs

At a glance

  • Women owned business
  • App based taxi services
  • Tracking with GPS for unclear address, safety and security
  • Professional and well behaved drivers
  • 65% of clients are women
  • Deluxe cars
  • 24/7 services
  • Services for individuals, corporates & commercial customers

Kaweyan Cabs is a transportation services provider in Kabul city. Which is owned by an Afghan businesswoman who has launched Afghanistan’s first GPS monitored taxi service and a beautiful app that passengers can easily hire a cab via their smartphones, Customers can easily download this app and use it in Android and IOS phones and it’s free.

GPS technology pinpoints the exact location of the passengers which solves the problems of confusing and unclear addresses in Afghanistan. Kaweyan Cabs offers the facility to the passengers to book a cab from the app easily through their smartphones, pinpoint their location. The nearest driver will automatically receive the request. Once the driver confirms the request, the passenger can see photo and profile of the driver and can track the trip on his/her mobile screen. Kaweyan Cabs provides well-trained drivers and ensures the security, safety and comfort ride of the passengers. KC enables you to pay for your ride based on the meter and time that is the internationally standard system. At the end of your trip, a receipt will be automatically sent to your email ID. KCs is proud of offering safe, trustable, and convenient transportation services to its customers through their smartphones.

Kaweyan Cabs is online 24/7 and will be available in any time with a fixed price. We will not differentiate the price during the day and the night.

Kaweyan Cabs drivers are regulated and overseen to follow the rules and regulations of the Traffic Department. And also drivers will pick up and drop the client with a good manner and behavior, because we hire those people that he ensure us his honesty, trust and behavior for both company and clients.

The vehicle that KC provides its Chevrolet modals 2014 that has AC, airbags and many more facilities that you would enjoy the travel.

Now pick up your smartphones download Kaweyan Cab app, book a cap and travel safe, trustable and convenient.

What makes Kaweyan Cabs service unique rather than irregular taxi services?


Ms. Shaima Bahaduri

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E. shaima.bahaduri@gmail.com
W. www.kaweyanbds.com

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Kaweyan Cabs

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Kaweyan Hospitality

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